Custom Chrome on Ceramic Test Calibration Targets / Charts / Masks

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Product Specification
Pattern Substrate Material
Production Process Laser Writing Type Chrome pattern on the matte ceramic substrate Chrome pattern on the glossy ceramic substrate
Type Matte Ceramic Glossy Ceramic Substrate Material of Ceramic White or near white reflective material, comprising of 96% compacted Alumina.
Minimum Line/space 4μm 2μm Thickness 1mm (±0.1mm) (common) 0.38mm (±0.1mm) 0.635mm (±0.1mm) 2mm (±0.1mm)
Feature Accuracy ±2μm ±1μm Surface Flatness <30μm (Dimension <100mm) <60μm (Dimension<200mm) <100μm (Dimension >200mm)
Overall Accuracy ±2μm ±1μm MAX / MIN Overall Size MIN: 4x4mm (±0.1mm) MAX: 228x228mm (±0.1mm)
Coating Type Chrome Chrome Surface Roughness <0.2-0.7μm
Coating Glossy or Matte Matte Glossy Thermal Expansion Coeff (40-400 ℃) <6.7X10⁻6/K
Reflectivity < 12.88% @550nm < 9.56% @550nm Specific Gravity ≥ 3.66 g/cm3
< 10.62% @650nm < 1.89% @650nm
< 12.23% @750nm < 11.168% @750nm
Coating Thickness 100-120nm Rockwell hardness ≥80 HRA
Positive / Negative Positive: Opaque Pattern, Clear Background. Negative: Clear Pattern, Opaque Background. Overall Shape Any Shape by Laser Cutting Square Oval Round
Protection layer Pellicle above the chrome layer making the Special-shaped Hole Chamfer Angle Corner
Custom Service
Digitalize Drawing Our engineers would help you digitize the drawing for free. Third Party Certification Provide third-party certification reports.
Matchable Backlight Provide matching mechanical protection metal mounting frame. Test Report by OKLAB Available
Customization Quantity Customization MOQ is 1 pcs. Customization Production Days 10-20 Working Days