2.74X, 1.2″ C-Mount Telecentric Lenses | DTCA121 COOLENS

Model NO.    :


-Bi-Telecentric Lenses, with Coaxial Illumination Port Optional, Iris Adjustable
-Up to 24 MegaPixels, 2.74??m Pixel Size Sensors
-Up to 1.2″, C-Mount Telecentric Lenses
-Magnification(x) 2.74

Model NO. DTCA121-7.3 Magnification(x) 2.74
Object Field of View (Φmm) 7.3  Working Distance (mm) 64±1
Max Sensor Size (Φmm) 20(1.2") Best Aperture (F/#) 8.5 
Telecentricity typical (max) (deg) 0.03 Distortion typical(max) (%) 0.02
MTF30 (lp/mm) >105 Depth of Field (mm) ±0.05@F7.3
Length of I/O (mm) 270±1 Mount C
Length(mm) 188.3 Weight(kg) 0.5
Coaxial Illumination Port Option NO Iris Adjustable NO
Back Focal Length Adjustable NO
Field of View (mm × mm) 1.2" IMX530/540 (14.6x12.6) 5.33x4.59




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